Here is a wonderful post that appeared on the blog of a Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach named Chere Bork.  It’s from Terry, an oncology nurse who uses guided imagery as part of her daily wellness regimen, for stress reduction and weight loss.  She credits guided imagery when she answers friends and colleagues who ask how she manages to do everything she does.  Check it out:
I came across guided imagery several years ago working as an oncology nurse with patients getting chemo and radiation treatments. The patients were provided with guided imagery CD’s. I started to listen to see what we were giving them. I found it so helpful to myself, that I bought a stress reduction CD. I have listened to this for years. More recently, I am using a weight loss CD.

I find the guided imagery helps me to relax, let go of anything on my mind, to relax, refocus and renew myself than I thought possible.

I am a very visual person and this allows me to visual moving myself to places I couldn’t imagine.

The results are amazing. I often have people ask me how I do everything I do. I tell them it is because of the guided imagery CD.  I find taking the time to do this, is some of the best self-care I can do. I can completely let go of stress and be completely renewed by listening to the CD.

I listen to Guided Imagery CDs by  a woman named Belle Ruth Knappersack  with Health Journeys. She also made the CD’s for the oncology patients that I listened to years ago. I now listen to her Stress Reduction CD, Relaxation CD and Weight Loss CD.

All Amazing! Terry