A concerned friend asks about what to give a friend who was traumatized by a car accident that was her fault, where she injured the other driver.  She is devastated and traumatized and in need of something….

I've used your pre-surgery tape when I had cancer surgery and found it wonderful. Thank you so much! A friend of mine just was in a car accident,(her fault) and the other woman got badly injured (though will recover.) My friend is very traumatized; her sister was killed in a car accident 30 years ago. What tapes would you recommend?


Dear Elinor,

I feel for your friend.  Most of us drive so much that it of course becomes a casual, everyday activity.  We lose sight of the fact that we have an extraordinarily powerful weapon in our hands, capable of great destruction. This could happen to anyone, and it's amazing it doesn't happen more.

I would suggest she listen first to something that's simply calming and soothing, such as the Relaxation and Wellness imagery or the Healthful Sleep imagery (because I'll bet she isn't sleeping well, either). If that seems to do her some good and she responds well to the technique, I'd promote her to the Healing Trauma imagery, which targets all those feelings of grief, guilt, loss, anger and anguish.  

I hope this helps.
All best,