A Big Drop in Debilitating Migraine Headaches

My 37 year old daughter has suffered from terrible migraine headaches for most of her adult life, at least once or twice a month. She has been conked out on medication more times than I would like to count. The pain of these headaches is so strong that she misses a lot of work. All she can do is stay in bed and lie very still with the shades drawn and no noise. It’s heartbreaking to watch her in so much pain. She is my only child and the mother of my only 2 grandchildren.

I help with the housework and keeping the kids when the headaches come on her (her husband is pretty useless). Mostly it is a waiting game. All we could do was wait for them to go away.

About 2 months ago a nurse friend who works at the hospital told me about guided imagery and suggested I get one for my daughter. She said that if she listened regularly and taught herself how to relax with them, it could improve her condition. She was not sure, because she mostly used them with cancer patients, but she said she was under the impression that it might possibly help with headaches too.

I am almost afraid to say this for fear it will change, but it is like night and day. My daughter listens to the guided imagery every night just before bed. It has been 13 weeks and so far no migraines.  Something is working.

And it is an easy simple thing for her to just listen. (Also, she cannot here her husband running his mouth when she has got the headset on her ears).

I wanted to express a mother’s gratitude. I do not expect she will never have to suffer another migraine again, that is not realistic, but even if they can be cut down, or less pain when they come, that is plenty. I am so pleased.

Greta in Chicago