A concerned neighbor asks about what can help an elderly, diabetic grandmother who fell and broke her hip, and now is having to put up with a body cast from waist to ankles.. Hi Belleruth!
I recently learned of an elderly grandmother who fell on a footpath on her way to Church. A group of women met up with her and assisted her on her way. It turns out she suffered a bone break in the hip or pelvis region.

This woman suffers from diabetes and is now in a body cast from her waist to her ankles I am told. What guided imagery tapes or CDs would you most recommend to speed her recovery? Thanks in advance.


Dear Rich,

Ouch! Sorry to hear this. How good of you to investigate this for her.

I think, for helping with recovery, our General Wellness CD might be good for mending. More particularly, psychologist and hypnotherapy expert, Carol Ginandes'' Rapid Recovery from Injury covers everything that''s involved, with several excellent self-hypnosis exercises for mending, dealing with pain and staying positive and motivated.

If it turns out she responds well to these, you may consider getting her others further along the way, just to keep her from getting bored. Our sleep, diabetes and relaxed & awake imagery (for yukky procedures... and I''ll bet she''s dealing with a lot of them in that body cast) might be good alternates.

But I''d start small and see how she responds to one of these before going crazy on buying more.

Best wishes with this! She’s lucky to have you on her team.