BR recently found this condolence note sent to her years ago by an old boss from thirty years ago.
It reminded us of how far a light touch, a little humor and some sensitive whimsy can carry you…. and how rare a treat it is to get a sympathy note that looks like this one.
We hope some will take a page from her boss’s book the next time there’s a need to write a note of comfort to somebody.  It doesn’t always have to be leaden or patronizing or loaded with overwrought drama.  Some of us – most of us - hate that.
But it’s not so easy to write a note that actually comforts. That’s why we’re posting this one.

For sure most grievers are loathe to hear, "Well, at least she’s not suffering any more" – that seems to be the comment that gets top prize for Most Annoying.  However, “God never gives you more than you can handle”  is right up there, too.

This note propels a surprising and unexpected mood lift.  It shows a lot of love and care with its goofy sense of humor. And it offers healing with the deftest and most indirect touch.
So please check it out if you have the time.  It sets the bar for creative comforting.  (It came with a blue baseball cap that had “BR” embroidered in white on the front.) Here it is:

Hi BR.
Here is how I got this hat. I was in a store and saw some hats that said B in front and "Republic" in back. I thought, Belle Ruth is not a republic.

Then I saw a hat that said "Banana" in front and R in back. I thought, Belle Ruth is certainly not a banana.

Then I saw a hat that said "BR" in front and I thought, That is just the hat for Belle Ruth.


PS. You may be able to tell from the above that I have been reading a certain amount to a two year old grandson at bedtime.