A dietician who attended the Academy for Guided Imagery training ordered the Weight Loss imagery, found it helpful and wants to know if there is a discount on orders of 15 or more I''m a dietitian who has just attended the Academy for Guided Imagery. I just ordered your Weight Loss tape and it is great. I would like to buy this for my patients - do you offer any discount with orders of 15 or more? Thank you.

Dear Trina,
Yes, we certainly do. We’re always delighted and grateful when a health care professional or mental health practitioner wants to offer our resources to his or her clients or patients. It makes a big difference when the suggestion comes from a trusted professional who can also answer questions about the technique, right then and there.

Usually it starts out with a clinician lending out a CD and not getting it back; then ordering more, giving those out, and not getting those back; and finally deciding they need a discount of some sort!

Please check out our distributor page or call our 800.800.8661 number and ask for help from either Karen Wilkerson or Nancy Kohler.

And thanks for your interest!