Greetings, everyone.

Dr. Ruth Buczynski of NICABM has been distributing a free report: Guided Imagery: From Accrued Wisdom to State of the Art Practice – it’s an excerpt from Chapter 10 of my book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma & How They Heal.  She writes,

In this report, psychotherapist, author, and innovator, Belleruth Naparstek, LISW reaches beyond the basics of guided imagery to show how it can strengthen and support trauma-survivor recovery.  From scripted to self-generated, from one-on-one to recorded, you'll discover how guided imagery can release your patients from trauma's devastating grip.

If you want a copy of this report, click here and follow instructions. There’s also a related message board where people share their impressions of the content and offer their own ideas.

NICABM also offers quite an array of online courses and teleconferences for mental health practitioners – check out their newly revamped website at

And Dr. David Bresler of the Academy of Guided Imagery tells me he’s offering $1000 off AGI’s excellent imagery certification program in a specially fast-tracked program. He writes:

As an incentive to speed the training of additional Academy Certified Imagery Guides(sm), the Academy is currently offering a substantial Accelerated Imagery Certification discount for those who complete their training this year.

If you've considered getting certified in Interactive Guided Imagery, here's an outstanding opportunity to join our 2009 class, graduate this year, and save a bunch of money ($1000 off our regular tuition).

To learn more, click here or call 800.726.2070.

David also tells me there will be a re-broadcast of last year’s stellar conference webcast on Imagery, Suggestion & Mind-Body Medicine, from June 1st to Sept. 31st. To learn more, click here.

Finally, we apologize for the inadvertent disappearance of our free weekly audio spa feature.  Yikes, who knew?  It got lost in the shuffle, and we were so busy admiring our new web design, we didn’t notice it was no longer there… that is, until some of you rapped us across the knuckles. Thank you, we needed that.

OK, take care & be well.
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