A Free Report: Kicking the Habit - Ten Keys to Positive Change

Well, Good Reader,

We all have self-defeating habits we'd like to pitch, and a few healthy new behaviors we’d love to roll out. We eat too much, chew our nails, procrastinate, and get cranky in traffic. We aspire to exercise more, become patient with our kids, meditate every day and organize our closets.

Recent surveys estimate 40 million Americans, or 1 in 7 people are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or drugs, and the numbers are increasing, in spite of more than $468 billion spent on battling addiction.

The good news: there’s a spate of new research on what works for change and what doesn’t. And our very own clinical psychologist and behavioral change expert, Traci Stein, has created an insightful, free report that tells us how we pick up habits, what it is about them that’s so hard to change, and how to change them anyway.

Traci's The Ten Keys to Positive Change (Kicking the Habit), is packed with powerful, actionable information you can put to use right away. It’s loaded with

  • practical tips including
  • step-by-step behavioral strategies and
  • self-hypnotic techniques

Traci tells us, "Habits consist of a chain of triggers, behaviors and rewards. My recommendations can help you access the wisest part of you, to change the habit chain and help create success in profound ways."

So, if there are old habits you want to kick, or new ones you want to launch, check out Traci's free report, where you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about how to make change happen.

Enjoy it with our best wishes, and pass it on to a friend.

All best,


PS: And happy Rosh HaShanah to those who celebrate the year 5779 in the Hebrew calendar. Let Traci help you install those healthy new resolutions before the Day of Judgment rolls around. (Only joking!)