Hello, everyone.

Before I forget, I should mention the free webinar coming up this Wednesday evening – part of NICABM’s new series on the Treatment of Trauma.

Ruth Buczynksi will be interviewing me on why guided imagery is so effective for remediating the symptoms of posttraumatic stress, and what I’ve learned (mostly the hard way) about dumb things we therapists do when working with already skittish service members and veterans – mostly because of our naivete about the incongruities between civilian and military culture (norms, language, even humor to some extent)… most of which can be fixed with a little time, care, information and thought. The video is free if you watch it at the time of the broadcast.

Ruth covers a lot of ground in this interview:

  • Getting the "D" Out of PTSD

  • Why Guided Imagery is Especially Effective with People Who Have Been Traumatized

  • How to Overcome Treatment Barriers with Combat Veterans

  • The Treatment of Moral Injury and Why it Can Be Essential in Working with Soldiers

  • Common Mistakes Practitioners Make in Working with Military Personnel

  • Using the Internet to Connect with Survivors of Tragedy

  • TalkBack with Rick Hanson, PhD, Bill O'Hanlon, MS, and me - get practical ways to use what you've heard with your patients

You can sign up for it here.

Take care and be well,