A Fresh, New, Cost-Effective Approach to Employee Stress

A breakthrough German studyi in 2018 looked at 264 employees suffering from elevated stress levels and randomly assigned them to either a stress management program or a waitlist control group.

The stress management program consisted of 7 sessions of cognitive and mind-body emotional regulation techniques, in keeping with research showing that mindfulness, guided imagery, and meditation are efficacious at improving workplace health, employee well-being, and work performanceii.

In addition, the program was delivered to employees by way of web- and mobile-based applications. This approach was also in sync with findings showing that employees benefited from programs delivered via streaming pages and apps, and, in fact, sometimes they preferred themiii,iv,v.  

And in fact, the program yielded significant improvements for the employees, for levels of depression, anxiety, emotional exhaustion, sleeping problems, worrying, quality of life, psychological detachment, and emotion regulation skills.

Other research demonstrates similar findings for stressed managersvi.

Further, the program was not only found to be cost-effective, but a cost-benefit analysis yielded a net benefit of 181 euros or $205.49 per employee within the first six months.

Bottom line: targeted, mind-body, emotional regulation tools are low-cost, scalable, portable and accessible. Even a small company can launch a powerful wellness program at a modest cost. 

We create streaming pages or app solutions, built to your specs and brand, offering efficacious, evidence-based meditations, led by foremost leaders in the mind-body field, available to employees 24/7, is a low cost, high yield solution to employee stress.

We are the only source of guided imagery and meditations that specifically target anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, and concentration problems.  

We invite you to visit a sample page and see for yourself whether this is something you could wholeheartedly offer your employees, to create your most harmonious, high-functioning, satisfying and cost-effective workplace.

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