A friend asks a question for another friend - an angry 15-year-old who self-injures - if there is any guided imagery that might be of help to her, and BR makes some suggestions.. Dear Belleruth,
I have a friend who self-injures (cuts herself). She has had to deal with a lot of rejection and abandonment issues, and has difficulty dealing with her anger. Is there a tape you would suggest? She is fifteen.
Tony T.

It sounds like your friend could use a good therapist and/or support group, but as for imagery, I would recommend our Relaxation & Wellness CD and also our Anger & Forgiveness audio, as well as the Healing Trauma (PTSD) CD.

It’s quite possible she has posttraumatic stress if she self-injures. Judith Herman describes this better than anyone, in her classic book on the subject, Trauma and Recovery. I hope she can find a therapist who is sophisticated and knowledgeable about the latest methods for treating PTSD.