A GIFT!!! Because It’s Nurses Week, and We Love Nurses!

That’s right, people. Nursing Greatness is not news to us, and we are no fly-by-night fans.  Every year, we celebrate Nurses Week, which starts on May 6th and goes through the 12th (which, not coincidentally, is the birthday of the redoubtable, Badass Nurse for All Seasons, Florence Nightingale). 

Did you know that 2021 marks the 19th year in a row that nurses were voted the most honest, ethical, and trusted profession in the U.S.? How’s that for a winning streak?

And, just to be clear, nurses were our heroes long before this Mother of All Heinous Scourges ever hit. 

The fact that nurses met the pandemic challenge with such stunning, over-the-top dedication, and a superhuman drive to push beyond exhaustion, performing heartbreaking work with compassion, courage, skill, and care, inspires us to do better and be better our own selves.

It’s also been nurses, more than any other profession, who’ve always championed getting guided imagery into the ears of patients – in every corner of health care, since the ’80s. Nurses tend to be so hands-on and connected to patients in the day-to-day, that they care hugely about having emotional and physical relief to offer them, at the click of a button. And they understand what science-based guided imagery can do for a person flooded by anxiety, pain or feelings of helplessness.

So, we feel it’s only fair to return the favor, and offer guided imagery to our overworked, beleaguered nurses, or to garden-variety, stressed-out nurses, too, in the form of a streaming page of guided imagery to help with sleep, anxiety, grief, burnout, depression, anger and just basic relaxation.  That way, when a nurse needs a break in the middle of some chaos, or is so exhausted he or she can’t get to sleep, they can access immediate relief via their phones, laptops, tablets, or players.

We’ve done this for the Massachusetts Nurses Association, for New York State’s online COVID training for nurses, the Mid-Atlantic Association of Health Center nurses, the Nurse-Family Partnership nationwide, at the National Institutes of Health, Kaiser Permanente, at Stanford Medical Center, at University Hospitals of Cleveland, and at a couple dozen other health care systems.

Nurse-Family Partnership Streaming Page

The Self-Care Page will be available through June 15th as a gift to all nurses, with our kindest blessings and deepest appreciation. The link is here. Please help yourself if you’re a nurse, or send it to a nurse you know who could use a little R & R.  It’s honor system – the easiest way to make it available to an honorable bunch.

Take care of yourselves. We love you. Over and out.

Belleruth and the whole Health Journeys Team