I’m looking forward to attending and presenting at this year’s Nutrition and Health Conference in Dallas TX, running from May 4th through 7th.

This annual meeting is known for offering the most current, evidence-based ideas and practices on healthy eating, nutrition and using food as medicine.
There’s also a cooking session with master-foodie and integrative health pioneer doc, Andy Weil, who’ll be whipping up some of his favorite healthful-yet-savory delights.

I’m eager to attend sessions with the bodacious and super-knowledgeable nutrition expert and dietician, Kathie Swift, and the amazing Victoria Maizes MD, an extraordinary doctor, teacher, diagnostician and institution builder, who (literally) wrote the book on maximizing fertility and giving birth to a healthy child (Be Fruitful).

Other superlative presenters there: Justin Sonnenberg, Fredi Kronenberg, Stephen Rimm, Hillary McLafferty and Randy Horwitz.   And more experts I can name are speaking, engaged interactive panels, case presentations, demos.  This is wonderful learning in an engaged, exciting, lively atmosphere, featuring talks, interactive panels, case presentations and demonstrations.
Needless to say, the foodstuffs and collegial company will be fabulous. To register, click here: http://nutritionandhealthconf.org or call 520.626.3518.

On another note, I recently came across a wonderful piece by Christine Cissy White on traumatic stress and the importance of working through the body to heal it.  Do check it out, especially if you know someone who’s trying hard to make progress with their PTS using traditional talk therapy, but getting nowhere.
The article is called Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Heal Rape Trauma, and you can find it here.

Take care and be well.