A guided imagery fan suggests combining imagery or affirmations with nature stills or video, and learns that we have some beautiful resources along those lines by Jim Porter, Charles Needle, Barbara Biziou and Carl Simonton.. Hi. I have a few of your CD''s and they’re really great! They were recommended by my HMO mental health care provider.

My question is this: I would like to know if you offer or plan to market any DVD''s With audio imagery combined with music plus visual images - for instance, hills, forest, swirls, water, streams, sky, valleys, canyons, clouds, religious imagery - to play on the TV/home entertainment system. Or maybe offer the affirmations along with soothing, on-screen images to produce a relaxation mood.

Hi, Bill.
Actually, we do have some gorgeous DVDs along these lines. Jim Porter''s Rest & Relax videography is really exquisite.

Or the still life photography slide show of Charles Needle, The Healing Power of Nature, is also gorgeous.

And Momentary Meditations by Barbara Biziou is another dazzling video meditation that fills the bill.

And if you can stand to use VHS, Carl Simonton has a nature video, Affirmations for Getting Well Again that actually offers written affirmations that scroll at the bottom of the screen.

I hope this is useful to you. Clearly, great minds think along the same track.
Thanks for writing.