A Health Journeys' Thank You To Nurses

It’s National Nurses Week and I want to say a couple of things.

  • Nurses are the most trusted professionals in the United States (and rightly so). 
  • Nurses deliver capable, compassionate, technically complicated care, no matter how messy the job or the patient.
  • They’re there for us when we’re at our weakest, most vulnerable, and sometimes most obnoxious.
  • If you run across a mean nurse, it’s an aberration. She or he needs a vacation.
  • Nurses champion guided imagery and spread its use in health care settings because they like resources that alleviate patient suffering.

So, yes, we love nurses.

They’ve been at the front of the holistic health, mind-body vanguard, bringing integrative medicine treatments to chemo units, the E.R., the surgical suite, hospice care and the delivery room.

They’re a big reason Health Journeys guided meditation recordings are in hundreds of hospitals, nationwide and worldwide.

We depend on kickass nurses to introduce us to patients, and we never stop being grateful to them.

And so, because of all the above, we're giving away to any nurse, anywhere, a whopping 35% off our guided imagery and meditation programs, with our blessings, admiration and thanks. Just message, call or email us for the promo code. 

Take care, be well and all best,

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