Dear BR and Health Journeys,

My brother witnessed the violence at Virginia Tech.  Since then, when there is news of a mass shooting his mental health suffers.  He gets insomnia, anxiety, short temper and jumpiness during these times. He also gets an anniversary reaction each April that lasts 2-3 weeks.  

I am a nurse in Fairfax County.  After the shootings, a colleague at work told me about the free downloads for VT students and the web page that explained about acute stress.  It was a Godsend. Later he bought the Panic Attack and Healthful Sleep CDs.  He pulled them out again this year and I said another “THANK YOU” to you in my thoughts. Then I decided to tell you out loud!

P.S.  It doesn’t take as long for him to get back to normal.  We all look forward to the time when his reactions will be minimal or nonexistent.

[Ed. Note:  We recently received some requests from VT students to reactivate that page. Here’s a note from one student:

Is the link to the resources for Virginia Tech folks still up somewhere???  I actually just heard about it ... and this anniversary seems to be harder for many of us than the last one. Thanks, B.L.

So, yes, we put it back up and activated the free downloads again.  You need to have a email address – so you can be a student, faculty or staff, it matters not.  Just go to and submit your address where it asks you to, and you’ll automatically be emailed a password to access the files for panic attacks, sleep, grief, relaxation and traumatic stress.  Listen to the audios that seem to help, as much as possible, be patient and very likely your stress will subside in a matter of days.  Learning self-regulation will stand you in good stead – this will also help with exams, presentations and everyday overload!]

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