A man apprehensively facing cardiac catheterization writes how creating his own guided imagery helped him in the 5 days before the procedure and during it as well.. Name: Geoffrey T. Ayers
Story: Faced with a cardiac catheterization, I was both frightened and aprehensive, but overcame both. For 5 days before the procedure using a picture of a "text book" heart, I used guided imagery ti invision my own cvardiac arteries as perfectly formed, totaly symetrical and without any fault or blockages. While undergoing the procedure, I was able to see the scren, and to me it looked very much like what I had imaged, then I heard the doctor tell the other doctor to "look at this".. there was a remark "that looks like it was drawn" "yes, almost text book symetry".. Later the doctor told me my catdiac arteries are "seemingly perfect". I feel very strongly about the powers of guided imagery, having used it for the past 15 years to manage spinal pain after a spinal injury.