A man asks for an interested friend where he can find the guided imagery surgery study that persuaded Blue Shield to adopt the technique for all its approved pre-surgical members.. I recall reading on your website a while ago that Blue Shield in California was offering your guided imagery CD''s to their surgical patients, due to research indicating a significant financial savings to BC/BS for hospital stay and meds. I have a friend who would like to quote that research and I can no longer find it. If you still have it available, I would appreciate having the name, date, researchers etc. I have suggested the same GI to friends and patients and they and their medical providers have been quite pleasantly surprised. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dear Bonita,
The study that influenced Blue Shield to use our guided imagery recordings was by Henry Bennett PhD and Henry Dreher. It was published in Advances in Mind-Body Medicine and entitled Interventions for Surgery: Evidence and Exigency, Vol. 14, No. 3, 1998. This article subsequently became a chapter in one of Henry Dreher’s books, Mind Body Unity (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2003).

This was a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled study with 335 surgery patients at UC Davis (completed at Penn State), which showed that our Successful Surgery imagery reduced length of stay, pain, and blood loss significantly more than 3 other audio interventions. Most of the tapes reduced anxiety. The Hemi-Sync tape reduced anxiety the most and increased blood loss the most.

Blue Shield then did a study of their own, resulting in even more dramatic outcomes - a cost savings of $2003.07 per patient and considerably reduced anxiety. That study was recently accepted for publication by Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, and should be out shortly.

I hope this helps.