A man asks if we would be willing to work with a urologist friend of his to create guided imagery for a specific kind of urology examination that is frightening and painful to patients... Dear Belleruth,
I am in touch with a first rate urologist who seemed quite interested in having a guided imagery tape before and perhaps during a urology exam, which can be quite scary and painful for men. I noticed you didin''t have anything for this yet, and I bet he would be more than interested in working with you.

Dear Ben,
We actually do have guided imagery for difficult/uncomfortable/intrusive and generally yucky procedures, called Relaxed & Awake. This imagery would work well with this urology exam, as it does with cardiac catheterizations, sigmoidoscopies, ventilator withdrawal ... anything that gives people the willies, whether warranted or not. Some people use this imagery for MRI’s, because they get so claustrophobic; or for pelvic exams, because of extreme anxiety, due to past abuses; or for dental procedures. You get the picture.

It actually would not be practical for us to make different audio programs for different procedures; but nor is it necessary. This imagery covers all the bases for providing comfort, distraction and relaxation. Thanks for the suggestion and best wishes.