A man facing a colonoscopy is very anxious, from having had a bad experience as a child with having his tonsils out. He wants to know if there is any imagery he can use to help with this… Dear BR,

I''m preparing to have a colonoscopy and am quite anxious and understand that you must be partially sedated. I had a very bad experience when I was anesthetized to have my tonsils removed at age eleven. Can you recommend a tape that might help?


Yes, Alex,

We have a tape called Relaxed and Awake, which is for yucky medical procedures that you have to stay awake for. And even though you’ll be sedated, you will be awake for this. So this would be ideal, I think. The best protocol would be to listen to it several times before the procedure, and to then take it in with you and listen to it during it. And, by the way, i''ll betcha that this procedure will be a piece of cake compared to that tonsilectomy you had as a kid. Good luck!