A man in shock for several months from the trauma of his wife’s fatal car accident finds comfort, solace and relief from his symptoms thanks to some guided imagery.. Belleruth,

I wanted to let you know of the gift that I received from listening to your trauma imagery . My wife was killed in an automobile accident five months ago. Since that time I have been unable to focus on her without returning to the accident and getting stuck on replaying it, like a broken record. I could not be nourished by her memory, in other words, and instead would be visited by a replay of the terrible shock and pain of her death.

But that changed after listening to the PTSD imagery. It was such a blessing to be with her again, and to have her as my guide on the heart journey. (It was she who showed up to guide me through my heart).

I feel that, in a non-material way, I have her back. I sense her presence and I feel her with me. I can remember her and the blessing she was to my life without going back to that pain.

My heartfelt thanks and blessings to you.

Ted G.