A man listens to imagery for Peaceful Dying , not because he is ill, but to find calm and centeredness while he is healthy, and this particular imagery gives him perspective and peace.. I work in a healthcare setting and am happy to see that you included palliative care as a focus for your guided imagery. I bought the Peaceful Dying CD because someone in my family was quite ill. They listened to the tape and found such comfort in it, that I am listening to it now, because we really do need to prepare ourselves each day for what lies ahead.

I firmly believe that if we are at peace with ourselves when we are healthy, then should some sudden catastrophic incident happen, we can be prepared. We can listen to the CD like an old friend talking to us.

I told my family to just plug it in and let me listen even if I were ever to be unconscious. (Of course we both know that hearing is the last sense to go - maybe beside touch).

So I want to express my appreciation for being able to "practice dying", as the wise Carl Whitaker used to advise. There is great comfort and peace in doing so, and I recommend it to all, healthy or terminally ill.

Best wishes,
Gerhardt Z.