A man recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer wonders if the CDs for Fight Cancer and Help with Chemotherapy are the same, and, if so, why they are packaged under different titles.. Dear Belleruth Naparstek:
I was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was advised by a friend that it might be useful to listen to some of your guided imagery programs. I then purchased two of your programs: "A Meditation to Help with Chemotherapy" and "A Meditation to Help you Fight Cancer". After listening to each of these programs I found that, although they have been published under separate titles, they seem to contain exactly the same content. Even the recording time is the same (41 minutes). This would seem to be equivalent to publishing the same book under two distinct titles. Can you please tell me if my understanding of these two programs is accurate and explain how that might happen?
Sincerely, C. M.

Dear CM,
I can understand how these two programs might sound the same to you, as they are similar, but truly they are different. The Cancer program focuses on helping the body do its job of fighting the cancer; it uses the core image of a healing light and there is cellular imagery of the NK cells fighting the cancer; the Chemo program focuses more on encouraging the body to align itself with the chemotherapy, and has images that relate to the relief of possible side effects - that title uses the core image of a healing fountain, which represents the chemo.

But it’s true they are similar. Of the 46 programs in the Health Journeys series, these two are the most alike (most are very much different, one from the other). But this is because I felt this was the most appropriate imagery for each situation. Another twosome that has similar content is our CD for Relaxation and Wellness and one of the four meditations on the Relieve Stress CD.

I can understand your annoyance at the apparent similarity. Every now and then authors will ask me to review their series of several CDs, each with a different title, and when I listen to them, I find that they are exactly the same except for one or two sentences - sometimes just one or two words! - somewhere in the middle. And I find this irritating.

I''m sorry for any aggravation the similarity has caused you. But the content is in there in the best way I could think of, and there are differences, subtle though they may be.

I wish you all best wishes to you for health, strength and resilience during this challenging time.