A Man Seeks Variety in his Cancer Fighting Audio Collection, Asks for Ideas


Dear Belleruth,

I have a high-risk, but early stage, form of lymphoma. In association with my treatment, I have been using your guided imaging for the immune system -- every day, usually twice a day. Is there any closely associated additional guided imaging you can recommend? I am absolutely positive the guided imaging is helping, but I don't want to do the same guided imaging day after day, month after month, year after year, if there are other guided imaging MP3 files you personally have done that can augment the imaging I already am doing.

Thank you!
Paul D.
Anchorage, AK


Dear Paul,

I’m glad to know you feel the imagery is helping. And yes, you chose the first two titles I’d have recommended.

What else to give you some variety? Well, there’s General Wellness. It has a three-stage imagery platform – first, you imagine that your body is dissolving any cells or tissue or gunk it doesn’t want or need; then imagining that the space is cleansed and cleared; then sensing healthy, new growth filling the space in. So even though it could be about anything, physiological or psychological, it can certainly apply to cancer. And it’s very different from the other two recordings you’ve been listening to.

Another meditation that might be a good alternate would be Relaxation & Wellness and another might be Affirmations.

By the way, we learned years ago from a weight loss experiment taped for a segment on 20/20, that even when people had to listen to the same tape audio daily for six months and could barely stand it any more, it still helped them continue to lose weight! So that’s something!

All best,

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