A Midsummer Night’s (and Day’s) Dream

With summer in full swing, I wanted to remind everyone about our great new day and night audio programs to encourage a healthy body image. As I sipped my Yogi tea, I saw the perfect beginning quotation right on the back of my tea bag, "Live with reverence for yourself and others."

It's so simple, but it clearly defines the concept of having a healthy body image. If you have reverence for yourself, you respect your body and naturally give it what it needs to be the best it can be. If you have reverence for others, you see the beauty in them and you don't hold them to ridiculous standards either.

Summer is a great time to focus on appreciation of your hard-working body, your oldest friend and steadiest companion. If you are interested in improving your body and body image, and you haven't tried Dr. Traci Stein's new audio programs, Healthy Weight & Body Image and Healthy Weight & Body Image during Sleep now is an excellent time.

These powerful audio programs combine mindfulness and loving kindness meditation, hypnotic suggestions and techniques like power posing to help listeners achieve a healthy weight, support good eating and exercise habits and enhance self-acceptance. The programs are designed for people who choose to make lifestyle changes to lose weight as well as those who struggle with eating disorders and issues of negative body image.

Here are but a few of the things the programs are designed to do:

  • Help the listener achieve a healthy weight and support good eating and exercise habits.
  • Increase insight into the unconscious and/or unhealthy uses of food and weight.
  • Foster a loving appreciation of the body, even if behavior changes are desired.
  • Help make behavior changes easier and more instinctive.
  • Enhance feelings of self-acceptance, safety and emotional centering through mindfulness and loving kindness exercises.
  • Enhance confidence and decrease production of stress hormones using scientifically-supported 'power-posing' exercises.

According to Dr. Traci Stein, "Your healthiest weight is the one that honors your inherent worth and keeps your body strong, mind sharp, and emotions balanced. This multi-track, holistic, mind-body program draws on the power of hypnotic guided imagery, mindfulness practices, and affirmations to help you learn how to stop overeating and emotional eating, and shift instead to healthy eating for weight loss, healthy amounts of exercise, or even healthy eating to gain weight naturally."

For an eye-opening discussion of how women shame their bodies, and how negative self-talk typically has nothing to do with their bodies' actual shape and size, read Traci Stein's blog post, Fat Talk, Body Shaming and Other Forms of Self-Bullying.

As always, we love hearing from you and we hope you're having a positively awesome summer. To summarize that, here's another Yogi tea bag quotation. From your friends at Health Journeys, "May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony.