A mom with a 9-year-old son with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder asks what kind of guided imagery can help with this, given the latest research that was abstracted on our pages.. Dear Belleruth,
I have been using your guided imagery CDs for years and have found them to be very helpful. My 9-year-old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I was wondering if you have a guided imagery CD that would be useful to him, as the news in the "Hot Research" states that it can be useful.
Sincerely, Amy

Dear Amy,
I’m not a clinical expert on kids or ADHD, but I know from my fellow clinicians and from the feedback I’ve gotten in workshops from attendees with considerable experience, that guided imagery is very helpful to kids with ADHD, and that they tend to be very receptive and skillful at using it. So that said, for a nine-year-old, I would recommend Betty Mehling’s Magic Island . Roxanne Daleo’s work is also terrific but would be too babyish for your son - we recommend Dr. Rox for kids 2-7, generally.

However, just to clarify, the research you probably read about on our page last week was about the value of a technique called neurofeedback for kids with ADHD - this is a very promising and successful technique that uses a biofeedback machine to reflect back EEG patterns (brainwave activity) to the user. I’d also look for a practitioner in your area, by calling the American Psychological Assn chapter in your town or asking at a hospital near you that has a biofeedback clinic as part of its services.

I hope this helps.