A mom with an otherwise adorable baby who gets fussy regularly right at dinner prep time, reports with gratitude that Steve Kohn and his meditation music come to the rescue.. I have an adorable baby, 7 months old, who gets fussy right around the time I’m trying to make dinner for my husband and me. It’s like clockwork!!! Come five o’clock PM, my normally mellow little boy becomes his own evil twin.

I started playing Steven Mark Kohn’s Music for Meditation at the same time I began working on dinner, placing him in his favorite little bouncy chair in the corner. So far, it’s been working! He plays with his toys, talks to himself and follows me with his eyes in a way he was not doing without the music. So I don’t know how long this will last, but every day it does last is a major victory! So please pass my gratitude on to Mr. Kohn!

Ellen Z.