A navy nurse finds scores of ways to use guided imagery, both for herself, her family and those in her care, for anything from childbirth to weight loss, from posttraumatic stress to surgery.. I have been using guided imagery since 1994, when I worked on an oncology unit. Since then I have used guided imagery extensively in my personal life, predominately for chronic pain from interstitial cystitis (since 1996) and hip pain from arthritis.

For many years I read the pain imagery from Ms. Naparstek''s first book to all my childbirth preparation classes, and was an avid guided imagery advocate to all who were receptive to the idea.

This past year I got the PTSD CDs for my son, who came back from Iraq in April of this year, but before I could give them to him, I loaned them to a young man who spent two tours in Iraq as a Navy Corpman with the Marines. What a joy to see him benefit so dramatically from the healing message in these CDs!

Currently I am having great success with the Weight Loss CD, having lost 20 pounds this year. It''s coming off in a slow and healthy way. I am also using the Successful Surgery tapes to prepare for a total hip replacement that will take place soon.

Thank you so much for such a variety of very effective healing modes. I have been truly blessed by them and share the guided imagery story every chance I can get.

Deirdre G., Navy Nurse