Hello, again.
Being a somewhat obsessive sort, I take undue pleasure pulling together information from disparate sources and organizing it into some semblance of coherence.   

Given the fact that we’ve been declared a nation of sleep deprived zombies by the CDC, I thought it would be time well spent to put together a Sleep Report, with all the latest recommendations and research-based interventions that we now know can help people get past their sleep insufficiency (yes, that’s the current term of choice for this).

We announced the report last week and got a terrific response, so I’m announcing it again for those of you who didn’t open that email. 

Please check it out, print it out, email the link and discuss it with friends, colleagues and clients.  Even following a few of the recommendations (there are 27 of them) in it can make a big difference to someone, and it’s a good reference document to have handy.

Just so you know, the platform will ask you for your email address (again, even though if you got this, we already have it), because we’re trying to establish separate lists by interest.  If we’re good enough at this, we can better let you know about topics that interest you and we’ll be less likely to bother you with stuff you don’t care about.  That’s our hope, anyway – to build a smarter list. Nobody gets this email address but us.

And speaking of this issue of needing to enter an email address to gain access, I want to respond to a couple of complaints we got about the mailing we did for Ruth Buczynski’s course on internet marketing for professional providers.

Most of the feedback we got was great.  Lots of people were happy to learn that a serious psychologist with a track record of integrity and professional success had wholeheartedly tackled this issue, and had devised a way to teach some major new tools to fellow professionals who were looking for a broader reach, greater impact and  an alternate way of earning income through the internet, in order to transfer some of their knowledge to people who could use it.   

But a couple folks thought I’d gone off the reservation by affiliating with marketing content and helping to promote this course.

So let me be clear. I actually took this course from Ruth – she practiced and thought it through with a small group of “Invitation Only” colleagues.  I’m convinced after taking it that a lot of my fellow therapists need to know this stuff.  

Because here’s the thing: insurance company constrictions, the motivational/self-help industry and the whole field of life coaching are eating our lunch.  We hang on to our contempt for marketing at our own peril. My sincere advice:  get over it.

I wouldn’t promote this nor be affiliated with it or mail for it if I didn’t believe in its value and its importance to the survival of a critically important group of professionals – us.  (Ruth’s information, by the way, is equally applicable to anything you have to teach, whether that be a course on getting along better as a couple; buying the best information system for your hospital; making upside down cake; or building a bird feeder.  It’s a proven, effective process of getting yourself and your info out there to a large national or international audience.

And, again, to state the obvious: we do not do this for money.  Believe me, there are easier ways for a company like ours to earn income, and we already do that with a carefully curated catalog.

I mention this because it’s an ethical matter to inform people whenever anything we recommend has even a small return to it, so we mention that fact, on the rare occasion that we choose to do a mailing as an affiliate.  

Most of the time, we promote books, resources, conferences and workshops because we believe in their value to our readers, period.  We don’t even affiliate with Amazon for all the books and recordings we recommend.  But I thought we should try it, because it’s part of this new model of internet marketing that we would all do well to get better acquainted with.  

Take care and be well!

Transparently yours, as always,