A New, Super-Strength Stress-Saving Pack for National Caregiver Month!

Well, folks, among other things, it's National Caregiver Month. (Yes, I know, too many of these special, topic driven 'days', 'weeks' and 'months' can addle the brain. Who can keep up? Who even wants to?)

But sometimes – like this time, National Caregiver Month - it's a really good idea. I know so many people taking care of a loved one (and even a not-so-loved one, truth be told!) in rough circumstances. It's a mother, a spouse, a child or a friend – who's sick with acute or chronic disease; or who's disabled, demented, or depressed.

And these responsible, unstinting caregivers do the right thing and look after them, day after day, with kindness and care; and a lot of time, effort and energy. It's usually at considerable personal cost.

Even for those who can afford round-the-clock care, it's tough. For those who can't, it's a huge demand on time and choices. It can undo their life as they know it.

It's a constant strain that can easily defeat any sense of lightness or fun. And it's not unusual for it to result in illness and depression in the caregiver.

So, we've been thinking: who deserves sweet, nourishing, tender loving care more than caregivers?

Yet, who is more loathe to take the time for self-care than these same saintly folk?

May I quote my favorite guy, Hillel the Elder, on this matter? I've got two famously good ones. See how the guy made taking care of yourself a moral imperative?

"Take care of yourself - you never know when the world will need you."

And he originated the good old Golden Rule. But here is how he so wisely framed it:

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?"

So, yes, according to My Man, Hillel, the first order of business is taking care of yourself, so you can step up for others.

So, thusly encouraged by the wisdom of Hillel the Elder, we've taken matters into our own hands.

We've assembled a super-strength audio kit of tried & true, quick & easy, self-care tools... for family caregivers and for professionals in the day-to-day demands of their work, too.

lynnjosephPsychologist Lynn Joseph's brilliant, insightful, 7-track audio, Imagery for Caregivers: Looking after Yourself while Helping a Loved One, is full of practical wisdom and advice, and her guided meditation segments - on boosting self-esteem, healing stressful feelings, planning a smooth day, and much more - nail it perfectly. Lynn knows whereof she speaks.

My Caregiver Stress uses guided imagery to deliver physical relaxation and emotional replenishment, while saluting caregivers of all the tenacity, effort, kindness and compassion they deploy each and every day.

And finally, for caregivers who protest that they don't have even a lousy 20 minutes for themselves, Cindy has slyly thrown in our Guided Imagery Mix, with brief but effective relaxing, restorative segments, because, c'mon - we know you can find 7 or 8 minutes to give yourself!

Normally this stuff is priced at $53.94, but this new Super-Strength Stress-Saver Pack for Caregivers is specially priced at $39.95 – a savings of $14, or – I did the math - 26% off.

Hey, this is our way of saying thank you, for caring, for stepping up, and for doing what needed to get done – too often invisibly and at great personal cost.

We salute you.

Hoping you will be well and stay well.

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