A nurse working with a 76 year old man who was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons and who is motivated to take an active role in his treatment, asks us when the PD imagery is scheduled to be completed.. When is your Parkinson Imagery going to be available?? I''m working with a 76 yr old male recently diagnosed and pretty motivated to take an active role in dealing with it. I would love to have some targeted imagery for him to work with.
Pamela D., RN

Nurse Pamela,
The imagery is indeed done - recorded, mixed, packaged and awaiting your pleasure at our warehouse! You can even test drive it with an audio sample by clicking here. As it says in the descriptive copy, I designed it to help promote relaxation; regulate mood; encourage balance and good posture; imagine strong, steady movement; alleviate depression, discouragement and fatigue; increase symptom control over freezing, cramping and/or tremors; and support energy, self-esteem and motivation. It includes cellular imagery that is specific to PD. It’s 51 minutes long, including the affirmations.

I hope he enjoys it and he responds well to it! Please let me know!