A patient with paralyzing fear of surgery, doctors and hospitals finds herself cool and calm, sleeping well and anxiety free, thanks to some guided imagery that she listened to for a week pre-op Dear Ms. Naparstek,

I have just faced my second bout with breast cancer. The first time I had a lumpectomy, radiation, six chemo treatments plus five years of Tamoxifen. I am now on Arimidex. I was doing very well until I went for my mammogram in December and found out the cancer was back in the same breast. I wanted to die on the spot because I knew my next step was a mastectomy.

The fear was just horrible. I have a terrible fear of doctors and hospitals, to say nothing about surgery. That was until my daughter sent me the guided imagery CD for successful surgery. What a difference that made in my life. I listened to the CD once or twice a day for a week before my surgery. I had no trouble sleeping because of fear, and would wake in the morning without my stomach feeling like a Mexican jumping bean.

The last time I listened to the CD was just before I left for the hospital. I could not believe how cool and calm I was. No fear or anxiety at all! My family was so surprised because they knew the fear I usually had. They could not believe the change in me. I went in the operating room at 7:45 A.M. and was home by noon on the same day. Everyone was just amazed how well everything went.

It was just the way you described it on the CD. I truly believe the CD and prayers were a miracle for me. I am so happy with my experience that I am ordering more CD''s so I can give some to my surgeon to loan out to other patients facing surgery. I will also keep a couple to loan out to friends. The CD my daughter gave me will be put in a very special place so it will not be lost in case I ever need it again.

Thank you for making my surgery such a peaceful and successful experience. The cancer was in one spot and the mastectomy took care of that. I am now looking forward to getting on with life with a much better outlook and a whole lot more positive. Thank You!!!

Betty M.