Well, it’s Breast Cancer Month and pink is everywhere.  I walked into a Columbus, Ohio Kroger’s yesterday and there they were, giving out pink shakes in return for a dollar donation to breast cancer research.  

Yep, you’ll find pink pretty much everywhere you go, and everyone knows what that stands for, too. Very nice to see what a successful campaign this has become.

And we’re joining the crowd with our Pink Ribbon Survive & Thrive Pack for those who’ve gotten past cancer, not to mention the friends and family who’ve survived it too.

Particularly good for people who got a lot out of their guided imagery during the scariest times of their diagnosis or cancer treatment, and are now feeling the need to keep doing something, this is a way of keeping up this empowering, reassuring practice, in the service of continued wellness. 

We combined our mellowest, soothingest, all-time popularest wellness imagery (General Wellness, Relaxation & Wellness and Healthful Sleep) with our imagery for immune cell support and balance (Healthy Immune System) to pump up and maintain healthy immune functioning - a total wellness-maintenance experience. This set would normally cost $71.92 if sold separately, but in combination, we priced it at $54.95 - a savings of nearly $14.

We also just heard from Bruce that the last of the tweaking of the master recording for our new audio for Concentration, Focus and Learning (including ADD, ADHD and LD) is done, and this title is now in production.  It should be in the warehouse in about three weeks, all things being equal.  But the download will be ready in a few days.  You can check out a sound sample here

This is for adults and also can be used for teens – middle school on up.  

Okay.  Take care and be well!

All best,