A plucky guy who has had multiple sclerosis for the past 28 years relies on daily guided imagery, as well as Reiki, meditation, massage and yoga, and he’s still walking (with a cane) and driving.. For the past three years or more, I’ve been listening to guided imagery at least once to twice a day. I have been battling M.S. for 28 years and your tape means so much to me and gives me so much hope. Thank you. I am blessed to have your voice and encouragement in my life each day.

I am trying everything I can to stay strong and heal, including reiki, meditation, yoga and massage, to name a few, and although I may not manage to do any of these other things in one day, I always listen to your cassette daily.

I am still walking aided with a stick and still driving, so after 28 years I am very lucky - I am sure you have played a big part in this and I am truly grateful.

Warm regards, Dieter