Here is a wonderful poem I just rediscovered.  It’s too good not to share with everyone.

As Little Child

I don’t recall the things of love

A smile warm from up above

A tender hug, caress or kiss

Such things as these were left amiss

Where were the eyes so pleased with me?

The caring glance I longed to see,

The joy and laughter of a home

Were merely dreams and that alone

Fear and worry, pain and grief

Were felt as drying autumn leaf

No safety of the hearth be there

Mere empty souls, could not but care

As they too lacked the skills of love

Felt not the warmth from up above

So blame is futile, blame is naught

The answer to this rhyme thus sought

But somehow in these words of woe

My heart finds peace, in writing so

The lines of memory, here and there

Give solace to my heart laid bare

And pity not the current state

As that was then and now is late

To change the past or wish for more

No all that’s left is what’s in store

And what’s in store is great indeed

For love provides my every need

And hearts alive can surely fly

So stride, shall I, with head held high

Corinne P.  2006