A Question from Down Under: How Can I Access Your Audios in Australia?


I am interested in your audios for posttraumatic stress and depression for my practice. Is the $11 for an MP3 copy in US dollars, and does it include all the tracks? I am in Australia. Thanks. 


Hello, Meara.

Yes and yes. Also, please note that there are sound samples on each product page, so you can check out the program before committing to it.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope the guided imagery helps.

p.s. We have started building streaming pages for some therapists, small practices and clinics - an inexpensive way for them to offer a range of guided imagery and meditations to the people they serve, available free to them, night and day, for a licensing fee (monthly or annually) that the practice pays.

I thought I'd mention it, since you're far away. If you like our audios and are interested in getting more for your patients, we can tell you more about it... in the meantime, best of luck and I hope our audios prove to be a help with the work you do.

All best,