New Audio Roundup:  All the Titles We've Released Over the Past Year


Well, we had a strong year for producing fresh audios you’ve been asking for, and revitalizing and re-engineering some marvelous Golden Oldies – first-rate, evergreen, much-loved guided meditations by masters in the field, but recorded under outdated conditions. Check it out!

Glenda Cedarleaf’s guided imagery and affirmations for Living Well with Lyme Disease has really struck a chord and is flying out of here. It’s perfect for people who didn’t get treated with preventative antibiotics in time, and are stuck contending with chronic Lyme symptoms. And those can be anywhere from mild to seriously debilitating.

Right now Glenda’s two beautiful meditation tracks are only available in download format. They’ve been re-engineered by that Great Godfather of All Meditation Production, Bruce Gigax; and let it be known that one of the tracks is now scored by Steve Kohn’s delicious, immersive music. As always, we’re taking requests for hard copy CD’s, and if that list continues to grow as it has been, we’ll be getting CDs pressed for this as well.

Then there was the daunting quest to find the long lost 12-step guided imagery of the late, great Charles Leviton – this took 6 years in the tracking down and re-engineering, (don’t even ask!!), but Chuck’s wonderful masterwork is now back out there, doing good, just as it was meant to do – and it continues to be a major hit in the recovery community, addiction support groups, and substance use treatment centers.

Of course, Carol Ginandes’, our go-to Harvard health psychologist-researcher with the deep-dish Ericksonian Hypnosis skills, wrote and recorded our two new audios to help remediate the miserable, annoying symptoms of Tinnitus and TMJ.

These two high-quality recordings have also been in huge demand – there was a tremendous backlog of people waiting for these, and orders keep on coming. And they get the job done. These did get produced, first as downloads and now as CDs as well.

Of course, Emmett Miller, one of the great pioneers and masters of guided imagery, going all the way back to the ’80s, re-recorded for us his classic groundbreaking imagery for Relieving and Reducing Pain. Our Bruce also applied his engineering and mixing magic, to bring the sound production up to where such primo content deserves to be in the year 2019, and that’s been a popular addition to our list. In this time of opioid addiction, a lot of people are using Emmett’s work to either help them get off drugs or keep from needing them in the first place.

And finally, don’t forget the masterful, potent imagery of social worker and family counselor Roberta Shapiro, for helping parents up their game and especially manage their exasperation when dealing with less than perfect offspring. Positive Parenting has been a real gift for weary, overloaded, taxed moms and pops who need just a little hypnotic coaching to be more in line with their ideal image of who they want to be, vis-à-vis their kids.

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