A registered nurse with multiple sclerosis talks about how imagery helps her daily with her attitude, approach and general mental health, particularly because she has some limitations on her control over her symptoms.. Hello, BR,

I’m a Registered Nurse, working in community health, who happens to have multiple sclerosis. I saw a magazine in an office, which had a story about guided imagery and your audio programs. I tracked down the M.S. imagery tape and have used it ever since. I’ve since given the one for diabetes to a friend, and another M.S. one for another friend.

The control I have over what happens to my body is somewhat limited, but I work very hard at my mental health, attitude and outlook, which I believe is of great benefit to my physical body.

I very much appreciate having found this tape, and feel that its inspirational words and methods are of great value to me and to those I work with, in many situations.

Carlene H., RN