A relieved chemo patient is very happy that he had some guided imagery to stick in his ears during his treatments - and free at that, thanks to GlaxoSmithkline.. Health Journeys,
I am writing to say one simple thing: I could not have gotten through my chemotherapy without the guided imagery provided to me by my nurse at the hospital. This is not an exaggeration. It made all the difference. Thank you.

John P. O’Malley, Recovering Cancer Patient

[Ed. Note: John, We are all delighted it was such a help. But don’t tell us - tell the nurse and tell GlaxoSmithKline or Roche or whoever made this freebie possible!! This will ensure that others continue to get them too! We are proud to say that to date, over 350,000 chemotherapy CDs have been handed out to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, absolutely free of charge!]