A relieved father tells how his 8-year-old son, suffering from bouts of anxiety, uses Mary Sise’s guided acupoint tapping exercises to stomp out this unpleasantness from his otherwise happy life.. A relieved father tells this story:

My eight-year-old son is a sensitive, caring boy. He does well at school and at sports. He also has many friends. In other words, he is a well-functioning boy. However, he has suffered from bouts of extreme anxiety which temporarily disable him. This happened during the day or at night before bed.

At BR’s suggestion, we had him watch the Mary Sise video, where she guides him through the tapping exercises. Much to my wife’s and my surprise, it worked immediately. He now does this routine with Mary every night at bedtime, and he’s good to go - either to sleep or to school the next day. The anxiety is GONE. It has been for at least 2 months now, where this was just about a daily occurrence. We are elated. This had been plaguing him for a couple of years, at least.

Does anyone know how or why this works? Is it just the distraction of doing the routine? Could it be placebo effect? It’s downright amazing.

Sammy’s Pop

[Ed. Note: Mary Sise says that nobody really knows for sure why this works, although some say it’s because of the tapping on the acupoints and others say it’s the dual attention requirement, crossing the midline of the body with some of the motor sequences, or the imagery elements. Bottom line: Who cares? It’s great it works!]