A Reminder for iPhone, iPad and iPod Users: Free App Means Easy Downloading

The Health Journeys staff members celebrated the implementation of the new HJ Player app last July, after fielding questions daily from iDevice users who were having problems navigating the old, multi-step process to sync the downloads they had purchased to their devices.  

Sometimes customers would get so frustrated they would simply give up and purchase our programs from iTunes, but not everything we carry is available there. 

We have a simple, easy solution for this!

Now, when you order one of our downloads, we’ll send you the link to our app – a free, top-of-the-line, Apple-style player, that lets you easily and quickly download our guided imagery.

If you want simple, step-by-step directions, we’ve got that for you, too. Copying and pasting is an important part of the process - if you aren't aware how, here's a quick guide.

The app plays beautifully, with exceptional sound quality. It allows you to keep, organize and play your HJ guided imagery collection. You can scroll through your picks and immediately access the segments you want. It’s as smooth, fast and clean as any Apple or MP3 player you’ve ever known and loved.

Other cool features of the HJ Player:

  • It consumes no bandwidth once your tracks are downloaded.
  • If your order consists of more than one title, touch/highlight each title on the grey Title bar, and download everything at once – quick and easy
  • It comes with a timer that can turn the player off whenever you like; it can also wake you or alert you at the time you choose.
  • A flexible repeat button allows you to manually re-play the audio mid-track, post-track or at the end of the program.
  • Once you’ve downloaded your programs, you no longer need to login—your programs can be accessed by scrolling the grey Title bar.

If you missed our big announcement last summer, or if you’ve forgotten how easy it has become to download our Health Journeys audios on any device, give the new app a try. We’re sure you will be as pleased as we are with it. And for all of you who were with us in the beta phase, please try our newest version – we appreciated all your input!

If you've previously purchased MP3 downloads from our website and would like to add them to the app, you’ll need to have a new password sent to you. Just email your confirmation number and a request for a password refresh to [email protected]. Our staff will generate new password emails as quickly as possible.

As always, we welcome your feedback – all of which will go into future versions of the app.

A reminder for everyone, our New Year Sale ends at the end of the day on Wednesday, February 1st at midnight Eastern Standard Time. To get in on the savings, enter the code 17YOURYEAR at checkout.

The code will get you 20% off all single items.

It can’t be used on packs (which are already discounted), Playaways or gift cards. It also can’t be combined with other offers or used on past purchases.

What do you plan to do to make 2017 special? Let us know and tell us how you feel when the groundhog makes his prediction on Thursday, Feb. 2. We love hearing from you.

Happy savings and our very best wishes for 2017,


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