A social worker asks Belleruth if there are any resources, guided imagery or any other resources, that would be specifically helpful for someone with a phobic reaction to the idea of needles. Hi, Bella,
I''m wondering if you have any suggestions for needle phobia???
Thank you,
Nadia O’Brien, LCSW

Dear Nadia,
Our CD, Relaxed & Awake, is designed to help with all manner of yucky medical procedures, from cardiac catheterization to sutures, MRI’s to going off the ventilator.

In addition, Mary Sise’s terrific DVD takes the viewer through a very effective Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique protocol that is wonderful for reducing or eliminating phobias, and rather quickly at that. It’s a wonderful resource.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for writing.

Belleruth (not Bella, which I only mention because a lot of people seem to be calling me Bella these days, and it’s a lovely name but it’s not mine! My name is pronounced Bell-rooth’ . Thanks for giving me the chance to set the record straight! )