A social worker who works with both adult and pediatric dialysis patients asks if there is any imagery to help them during treatments, with high blood pressure or with chronic kidney disease.. Dear Belleruth,
I work with both adult and pediatric dialysis patients. I am interested in guided imagery that may help them during their treatments.

I am also interested in guided imagery tapes for those adults with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3, due to hypertension.

I am wondering if GI may help decrease hypertension, therefore delaying the progression of their kidney disease to Stage 5, where dialysis is needed.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for GI for the renal system, dialysis, and/or hypertension.

Thanks much.

Dear Jeanne,

Thanks for your interest.
We can offer you something for 2 out of three of these areas. We have imagery specifically for dialysis, made with the help of several units here in NE Ohio. This recording has actually been recommended on the RenalWeb chat boards. You can hear a sound sample here.

A nice complement to mix with that audio (to help stave off the saturation effect from listening to the same thing, over and over) is our imagery that is general to any medical procedure, Relaxed & Awake

And we certainly have imagery for hypertension:

There is one by me, Healthy Heart, and one by the one and only Emmett Miller , Down with High Blood Pressure.

For kids under 10, (give or take, depending on their level of verbal sophistication) we have some lovely children''s audio programs. Magic Island is a great one, and for the very young kids, Roxanne Daleo''s CDs are very good. Fern Fujimoto''s. are better for the older kids and preteens.

If you need more specific help, you can always call the office at 800.800.8661. And if you''re interested in ordering any of these in any sort of quantity, ask for Nancy Kohler so she can tell you about our professional program, and you can catch a break on pricing.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your interest.