A Terrific Conference on Healing Touch, Intuition & Guided Imagery Is Coming Up

On October 8th, I’ll be speaking at the annual conference for Healing Touch® practitioners in Colorado Springs. It’s the Healing Beyond Borders conference, and this year’s theme is Celebrating Our Path. Aiming Straight Into the Future.

My keynote will be on the fun of using guided imagery to open up intuitive knowing; and that afternoon, I’ll be giving a session on the power of using guided imagery for healing trauma. But that's just the beginning of what's offered.

Other speakers at this terrific meeting will be Brian Luke Seward, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jim Oschman, Shamini Jain, Joel Anderson, Ann Day, Lisa Anselme and many more.  Check out the brochure, and come join us!  It’s a great bunch and this is going to be a wonderful, rich time for learning and connecting.

I know some of you will remember that when Healing Touch® was combined with our Health Journeys Healing Trauma imagery, and used in combination, twice a week for three weeks, traumatized Marines, home between deployments, experienced some dramatic improvements in their symptoms and mood. In fact, Shamini Jain, one of the keynoters, wrote up that study and published it in Military Medicine, August, 2012.  

I love it that combining energy medicine with guided imagery can be such a dynamic healing combo. Many thanks to Shamini Jain and the Samueli Institute for getting that research into print.

Okay, so maybe I’ll see you there.

By the way, Happy 4th of July! I hope you enjoy with family and friends!

Take care and be well.

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