I downloaded the HEALING TRAUMA mp3 a couple weeks ago and I have had a major transformation in my life. I would never have dreamed it possible, but here I am feeling free from anxiety, insomnia, and fear. I have more confidence and a sense of peace in my life. All this is new to me. I have been so fearful of so many things throughout my life. Now, not so.
I have listened to the mp3 religiously since downloading it. I took the weekend before last and really focused upon my healing. I listened to the mp3 twice a day, giving myself the time to process and nap when I felt like it. I journaled pages and pages. By the end of the weekend, I was feeling so unlike myself - in a good way.

Since beginning the mp3 on a nightly basis, I have been able to discontinue a couple of medications. I have all sorts of PTSD symptoms - anxiety, insomnia, fear, flashbacks, and the like. Just in a few weeks I have been able to cease the use of a sleep med. I have also discontinued the anti-anxiety med that I was taking twice a day, every day. These decisions were, of course, with my physician's approval. I no longer lie in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. I am no longer besieged by intrusive imagery. The most amazing and wonderful part of all this is my release from the fear that has bound me for years and years, probably my entire life. I just know what to call it now.

I am amazed at the transformation, not only in the way I feel, but the way in which I am now living my life. I see a therapist on a regular basis and she has also noticed a change in my presence. She cautions me that the fear and depression may return. I am OK with that, but I am not as sure as she is that it will return.

My being has certainly been enhanced by this work. I read INVISIBLE HEROES soon after it was released and I felt understood in a way and on a level deeper than I had felt prior. I purchased your HEALTHFUL SLEEP CD then and had good results from that as well. You really know how to address trauma, and I pray you continue this transformative work.

Thank you.