A Therapist Asks if There Is Guided Imagery to Shrink Fibroids


I have yet to find a good guided visual imagery program for reducing uterine fibroids. I have more and more patients in my psychotherapy practice who are dealing with fibroids, wanting to do everything they can to reduce the fibroids and avoid surgery. (If they do need surgery, of course I immediately get them started on your CD for that!)

It would be enormously useful to have one of your guided visual imagery CDs for these women -- and as the baby boomers move toward and into menopause, there will certainly be more and more of them!

Thanks for all you have already produced, and always looking forward to more.



Hello, Marion, and thanks for the kind words.

I know this might sound hard to believe, but I don’t think we can create this imagery at this time. It’s a fairly narrow topic, and, rampant baby boomers notwithstanding, we don’t really get a lot of requests for this, relatively speaking. So we know in advance we probably wouldn’t sell enough to pay for the cost of production for a very long time. We’ll sometimes go ahead anyway, for certain impoverished populations with life threatening conditions, (the way we did with our HIV imagery) but we have to be careful how many times we do this, if we don’t want to drown in our own well-meaning goodness. 

But there are some less specific resources you might try: Our General Wellness imagery would fit for shrinking fibroids.

There is also the option of referring to an interactive guided imagery specialist who could work one-on-one with your more highly motivated people. You can find certified people at the Academy for Guided Imagery website or the Beyond Ordinary Nursing site.

Sorry I couldn’t be more cooperative, but I hope this helps.

All best,

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