A therapist visits Canyon Ranch and experiences the power of one-on-one guided imagery for the trauma in her own life, and wants to pursue getting trained in using the technique to help her clients.. Dear Belleruth,

I have recently returned from a week at Canyon Ranch in Arizona and had the special opportunity to experience guide imagery firsthand with a practitioner. I was exceptionally impressed with the results, helping me process trauma in my life history.

I am a believer in the method, and, as a psychotherapist practicing near Toronto, Canada, I would be interested in learning the tecnique to use in my practice. Any upcomong workshops you could suggest?

Gratefully, Jane

Hello, Jane.

There are always terrific interactive guided imagery training programs happening around the country. Check the Integrative Imagery Training for Health Professionals at http://www.imageryrn.com or calling 650.570.6157 or emailing [email protected] . In addition, the Academy for Guided Imagery has regular trainings at www.academyforguidedimagery.com.

As for my work, I''m just organizing my calendar for next year. You can currently find training weekends on imagery & trauma posted at http://www.healthjourneys.com/events.asp. More is being arranged this week, but not posted yet.

If you can’t make anything on that calendar, I''ve also written extensively about this topic (the unique power of imagery as a best practice for healing PTSD) in my book, Invisible Heroes .