Hello Health Journeys and Belleruth,  Five years ago I was the beneficiary of a Health Journeys CD called Successful Surgery. Soon, I plan to send comments how this cd was so very helpful for me.

In the meantime, I would like to purchase some cds/dvds for a dear friend of mine who recently has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Her doctor says she must soon undergo radiation treatment for the bone cancer in her skull and hip, as well as reconstruction surgery.

Here are my questions; and it’s OK if you are not able to answer them. Just let me know.

Question 1: Which of the following are most suitable for her? Although my friend is interested in this concept, she has no experience using affirmations or guided imagery.

Question 2: Are there cds/dvds I should buy now and others to be purchased later?

Question 3: Is it possible for me to put together my own package of cds/dvds + receive a price break?

Question 4: If I buy an additional copy of everything for her doctor, can I also receive a further price break ?

Here is my list of what I am considering ordering: 

Any comments or suggestions about this selection will be welcomed !

Best Regards and Love,
Eleanor M.

Dear Eleanor,

Thanks for your questions.  I know you want to do everything you can for your friend, but this may be a case where less is more.  If you give her too many imagery programs to listen to, she may be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity, let alone by confusion over what to do when, and she may not listen to any of them. That's what can happen when you're too generous!  

So I'd suggest doing this incrememtally and starting with just a couple.

For starters, if your friend is going to be undergoing radiation therapy and surgery, but not chemotherapy, you can dispense with the recordings for Oncology Related Fatigue and Managing Distress of Cancer. Those are more geared for chemo treatment.

 I would also set aside Affirmations For Getting Well Again and Affirmations for Living Beyond Cancer, as these are videos and not as immersive or potent as the audios, where you close your eyes and go within for your own images.  They're really good for people who can't imagine easily, but most people actually can.  So don't start with those.

You can save Healthy Immune System for when she's done with treatment, after her radiation and surgery and whatever else is in store for her. By then she’ll be looking for something she can do to stay well, and that fills the bill nicely.  And you can hold back on giving her the Successful Surgery CD til a week or two before surgery.

For right now, I'd suggest  Fight Cancer and Radiation Therapy - both mine and Emmett Miller's Optimizing Radiation Therapy.  That's 3 titles, which is plenty. (and those two programs of mine have their own affirmations along with them, so you don’t really need to purchase a separate audio for that.)

I also wouldn't buy some for the doc unless he expresses an interest.  Sometimes the oncologist or treatment team is so impressed with how the patient does that they ask to see what they did - in that case, your money would be well spent.  

I'm actually not sure, but I believe we don't give a price break for under 15 titles per order, and that is for our professional members. Hope this is helpful.

All my best to you and your friend,