A woman’s mother dies of pancreatic cancer and finds comfort in listening to the Peaceful Dying imagery, as do her daughters along with her, as well as the staff of hospice nurses who were looking after her... Dear Belleruth,

My Mom died of pancreatic cancer several months ago. It was truly heartbreaking to see how the disease devastated her body so quickly. She listened to the Peaceful Dying imagery at least a couple of times a day. It brought her peace and comfort, as it did for my sister and me whenever we had the chance to listen with her.

After she died, I gave the CD to the superb hospice nurses who took care of her, thinking they could use it for selected patients. They did, but not before bringing it to staff meetings several times and listening to it as a group. They found it very healing, given all the loss they have to withstand on a continual basis. That use had not occurred to me. I was more than pleased to provide these incredible, caring professionals with something they could use! It became a way of saying thank you back to them, over and above all the verbal ways.

I decided that when I was up for it, I would email you and let you know, for your Inspiring Story page. Thanks from all of us here in our corner of Michigan.

Joanna P.