A woman anxiously waiting for a liver transplant, who feels weak, worried and depressed, finds comfort and hope from listening morning and evening to Lynne Newman’s guided meditation, Song of the Soul.. I am waiting for a liver transplant and get very down in the dumps, not to mention worried as the time goes on and nothing happens. I am afraid of having the surgery and I am afraid of not having it. The worry level was getting worse instead of better. I am always weak. I have not felt right in a long time. It is hard on my family, too.

Then my beautiful daughter-in-law sent me Lynne Newman’s Song of the Soul. It soothes and comforts me like nothing else! I listen to it every day and night and it never fails to calm me down. It helps me feel like everything is going to be all right. I wanted you to know and to say "Thank you". Please wish me luck, too!

Aleda B.